Returning From Abroad

Post-Travel Checklist

Review the Post-Travel Checklist for guidance on health checks and paperwork needed upon your return to the US.


See Travel Reimbursements for tips on the student reimbursement process.

Sharing your Travel Experience

Employ your experience and enthusiasm to do something positive. Make the connection between your experience overseas and your work here in the U.S. Here are some ideas for projects:

  1. Share your experience with others. Create a slide show of your photos and inspire someone else to pursue their own international experience!
  2. Begin study groups on topics such as primary health care in the developing world, hunger, tropical diseases, pharmaceutical dumping, refugee health care, and health policy
  3. Organize a Film/Speaker series or an International Health Symposium at your University and provide information to other students about international health opportunities.
  4. Join a group that collects medical supplies and ship them to areas of medical need or sponsor a village abroad and provide medical supplies.
  5. Check out AMSA’s Bringing International Health Home: A Guide to Applying International Health Principles to Underserved Communities at Home.

Follow up with your mentor or to stay involved with projects in the area. Add yourself to social media groups that support global health such as the Global Health HUB, or Facebook groups

Last updated: January 13, 2015