General Tips for International Researchers

UC GO includes information from: legal counsel, risk management, research administration, individual researchers and clinicians, and educational programs- to implement policies, procedures, and other resources to support international researchers at the University of California.


Suggestions and links to a variety of funding sources. Guidance on creating budgets, sub-award accounting and managing expenses. 

Regulatory Guidance

Regulatory guidance on topics relevant to international research projects including human studies regulations, materials managment and export controls. 

International Travel

Registering for travel notices, and travel insurance, insurance requirements and checklists for planning international research as well as general tips for international travel. 

Tools & Templates

A quick list of useful tools, templates and checklists for international researchers.

Language Translation 

Translate into many languages. iTranslate Voice currently supports over 40 languages and dialects. Need to rapidly translate documents, emails or materials from partners or collaborators?  Google Translate supports 80 languages with drag and drop capability.

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Last updated: October 14, 2014